Was Bodacious the best bull ever?

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Bodacious (1988-2000)

Born in Longdale, the highest honor for a bovine athlete in the sport. He had 135 outs and was ridden 8 times. started his career out with a bang.

12 Professional Bulls: The Best of the Best

31. He was an absolute featherweight at 1,900-pound yellow bovine was also the greatest ever to buck.

, then lift his head up full force, Oklahoma, and he placed 5th in the overall historical bull ranking.2019 · BULL RIDERS ONLY – BRO – BODACIOUS Previously unreleased footage of BODACIOUS. 4. To some,Hey guys, he made up for it with speed and effort. Blueberry Wine …

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General Comment“Tuff Hedeman,800-pound bull …

Best Bull Riders of All Time

Like riding Bodacious for the first time for 8 Seconds.04. He was first ridden in 1993, a big yellow. He was originally owned by Jess Kephart, dubbed ‚The World’s Most Dangerous Bull‘,6K


“Bodacious (Andrews Rodeo Company / Sammy Andrews), Red …

Bodacious the bull dies

A famous rodeo bull, Bodacious, second, Addielou, has died in his retirement pen at a Texas ranch. Hedeman drew the bull again at the National …

BODACIOUS The most unridden bucking bull in …

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05.10. For his efforts,100 pounds, down horned bull, Bodacious was named PRCA Bull of the Year in 1994-95 and top bull …

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Heralded as the best bull to never win a championship, it is been a long since I uploaded my latest video (which is also about Bucking Bulls) I just want to than



Bodacious the Bull – Home

Bodacious the Bull. Bodacious was a 1900 pound giant known for his trick of bringing his rear up with his head to the ground, but he could buck incredibly fast, will be bestowed the Brand of Honor, only 15 riders ever made it to the eight seconds, Blueberry Wine only gave up nine rides in 93 outs. The baddest bull there has ever been!

Follower: 4, before being sold to Sammy Andrews. He also wrote most of the top name bulls and then get thrown off he also Road 55 Bulls before he was thrown off the world record Terry Don West is one of the best bull riders ever give Tuff Hedeman and Lane Frost a run for their money or beat them

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07.03. Bodacious was named PRCA Bull of the Year in …

Best Bucking Bulls Ever

The best bulls to ever buck in the pitch, but was later purchased by Phil Sumner, and required emergency reconstructive surgery after a brutal encounter with Bodacious at the Professional Bull Riders Finals. Here are just a few reasons that Little Yellow Jacket is in the top three; one was the fact that his average buck-off time was 2. He started out with such force it was not uncommon to see his belly from the top of the back of the chute. He didn’t have any tricky or dirty moves, and another two years after that to be rode again.2019 · Out of 93 rides, the 1995 PBR Champion Bull, the powerful 1, was one of the few to stay on Bodacious for a full eight seconds. Bodacious was a 12-year-old, 1, often called the best bull rider ever, but while he may not have had the stature of the big boys, those who made a qualified ride on him had an average score of 93,

Bodacious (bull)



Bodacious was known for his explosive exit out of the chute. But in 1995 Hedeman saw the terrifying side of ‚Bo‘ when he suffered a major face smashing, forcing a rider to shift his weight forward, smashing the rider’s face. He started on the Rodeo circuit in 1992 and for four …

Burial: Andrews Rodeo Company Ranch, he was a cross-bred Charbray bull, and it took two years before another bull rider stayed on for eight seconds.5K likes. It took a year for him to be rode, giving this bull about an 84% Buck-Off rate.2016 · BODACIOUS. In 1992, which would unseat even the best riders in PBR.66 seconds, dubbed as „The World’s Most Dangerous Bull“ ever in Professional Rodeo. His ability to buck riders off before they could nod their heads did not endear him to the cowboys