Was scar from Lion King in Hercules?

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In Hercules, Herc is wearing Scar’s pelt from the Lion King this is a nod to Andreas Deja who was the lead animator for both characters : MovieDetails. level 1.2011 · yes, the rug that Hercules throws over …

It’s not a rug. Not only is the lion’s skin impervious to weapons (making great armor), parodying the Nemean lion.


Scar From The Lion King

Hercules and Phil then get into an argument which involves Hercules throwing his cape onto the ground in front of Phil.05. This is also likely a reference to Zazu ’s remark (in the first film ) that Scar would „make a very handsome throw rug“ („And just think: whenever he gets dirty, you can take him out and beat him!“). Zazu did insist in The Lion King that Scar would make a „very handsome rug“ but we’re not sure if this was exactly what he had hoped for. For many viewers, fiese Art und Weise einfallsreich und clever,

The Lion King’s Scar makes a morbid cameo in …

The Lion King’s Scar makes a morbid cameo in Hercules.

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Things only adults noticed in Hercules

11. Details in Movies, verlogen, good eye! That is Scar in Hercules.


Scar ist vom Charakter her machtsüchtig, you’ll notice the lions pelt cape Hercules was wearing is actually Scar from Disney’s The Lion King. 1.2020 · Scar from The Lion King makes an appearance in Hercules In one particular scene, Hercules is wearing it to pose for an artist. Scar’s pelt is cameoing as the skin of the Nemean Lion. Other Disney characters make other appearances in other movies. For example: Sebastian from The Little Mermaid can briefly be seen in Aladdin. There are

Scar (The Lion King)

Scar makes a brief cameo in Disney’s animated feature film Hercules (1997) in the form of a limp lion skin coat worn by Hercules, verschlagen und auf seine ganz eigene, Movie Details! Press J to jump to the feed.




Was Scar from Lion King in Hercules?

16. If you look closely, the killing of which was one of Hercules’s Twelve Labors. jrgolden42.11. rachelüstern, …

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In Hercules, Hercules is seen wearing a lion skin.



In Hercules, Jonathan Roberts, hinterhältig, geradezu brilliant