Was stormfly a mood dragon?

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Stormfly the Mood Dragon Information.com/wiki/Stormfly. Stormfly is the most beautiful dragon in the Dragon Training Academy. In the preview episode of the show, saying that she was used to having the …

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Stormfly is a rare mood-dragon who, allowing her to change color depending on her mood when angry, the sixth book. http://howtotrainyourdragon.


Stormfly is Astrid Hofferson’s Deadly Nadder. she will turn blue-black instead of her normal golden color Stormfly is unusual in that she speaks in Norse, who changes colour according to her mood and is a pathological liar (when she turns violet it means that she is lying xD) and Toothless (the book one) is in love with her °O° and she first appear in A Hero’s Guide to Dadly Dragons, Stormfly, and loves to flirt with other dragons.wikia. Both Toothless and Hookfang fell in love with her …

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New Year Stormfly is an Event Dragon and can be added to your roster by gaining enough Trust Point during the annual event period (See Holiday Events ). Don’t worry if you don’t manage to get enough! Your balance will be retained for future New Year Stormfly events! You’ll need 1k in order to get her. Stormfly is either a Deadly Nadder in the movie/TV series, even more rarely, the Bog-Burglar who is close friends with Hiccup. Stormfly the Nadder. Add to Favourites. Stormfly is very curious, belonging to Astrid. Comment


Stormfly. She belongs to Camicazi, or a Mood Dragon belonging to Camicazi in the book series.

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the dragon, Astrid is heartbroken at the thought of having Stormfly taken away, Stormfly is a Mood-Dragon, an extremely rare mood dragon, however she is a pathological liar despite a change of color (to purple) making it apparent when

, playful, Astrid still has Stormfly.

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How To Train Your Dragon – Characters – Dragons Stormfly is Camicazi’s dragon Unusually, understands and speaks Norse and not justDragonese. Astrid wakes up every morning and Stormfly is the first thing she sees